Papa Dennis girlfriend actress Martha Wajero details last conversation

Papa Dennis
Papa Dennis

The girlfriend and confidant of the late Papa Dennis says she regrets not meeting up with him on Friday despite the many times he requested.

Papa Dennis's lifeless body was found on Friday night just before midnight near the Jubilee Headquarters in Pangani.

Police ruled it a suicide due to depression.


Speaking exclusively to Word Is, actress Martha Wajero said she noticed Papa was battling depression.

The former who starred in the TV show Machachari said they were have not been meeting up regularly but have maintained a good friendship.

"We talk every day and I communicated with Papa even in that fateful night and I remember him telling me he was seeing things and people wanting to kill him," she said.

Martha says that the singer insisted for many days that they should meet and talk but she was always held up.

"He kept on calling that day and wanted us to meet," she said.

The two had been friends for over five years and that is where the relationship started.

"At some point, we dated then on the way, we realised we could only become friends but he took me more seriously than just a friend because we worked together a lot," she said.


Asked to describe Papa, Martha said he was a caring and loving person who wanted the best for people.

"He always came through in so many ways and wanted me to be great. Papa was a nice person and it is still haunting me that I did not give him the chance to open up to me on what was troubling him. I never took him seriously when he said we needed to meet," she said.

Her tribute message to Papa Dennis is; "...You battled depression despite me being there. You have always been a shining star. May you fly with angles I will always remember you and I will miss you," she said.