How ‘Selina’ nearly lost her Sh10k fees

Being asked for her PIN number spooked her

In Summary

• She shared her close shave with conmen on the 'Janjaruka' series

Celestine "Selina" Gachuhi
Celestine "Selina" Gachuhi

Celestine Gachuhi, popularly known to many by the name Selina, has narrated her con story of how she almost lost Sh10,000.

"I had some money on my phone and some guy gave me a call and called me by my name. I thought it was a telecom company. I told them my age and the year I was born," she said this on the 'Janjaruka' con story series.

"The moment the guy asked me my PIN, I checked the number and I was reluctant."

Gachuhi later learnt a lesson from that. "They really abused me because they knew I had known their tactics. They used the information to change my pin, so my line could not work. I bought another line and they didn't take anything."

Adding, "I was scared because that was my school fees. I just told my sis and father. Right now, I'm very sharp."