Diamond’s ex rues ‘one-minute man’

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz’ ex-lover Lynn, a video vixen, and was once signed under his record label Wasafi, has labelled Diamond Platnumz a "one-minute man" in bed.

"Mwanaume ukikaza kimoja unasinzia. Uwo ni umama (A man who cums after the first round is not man enough)," she said on SnapChat, before praising her current boyfriend.

"Baby wangu hapigi goli moja ni saba. (My boyfriend goes for more than seven times not just once)."

In another cryptic message, the video vixen said: "Ukinyooshwa sasa ndio unatafuta pa kutokea. Maskini... Mungu akusamehe sio kosa lako (When you're dumped you go ahead and hook up with another woman, I can't blame you. It's not your fault, poor boy. May the good Lord forgive you)."

This comes after the singer posted a video singing along to Lava Lava’s new song, Nitake Nini, while a woman identified as Kimnana caresses his beard and chest.