Holiday experience at Funzi Island

Serene and quite environment for relaxation during this holiday

In Summary

- It has a population of about 1,000 people, who are very welcoming

- Attractions include boat ride, basking on the sandbank, Coastal cuisine, bird and crocodile watching and kayaking

If you want a nice, cool, serene environment, away from the town noise, car hootings and neighbours’ troubles, then Funzi Island is the place to be.

Unnoticed by many, the island is secluded at the South Coast with minimal visitors, even at peak times.

It has a population of about 1,000 people, who work as a team to welcome visitors.


The security is good since the residents all know each other very well. A newcomer will easily be noticed, as visitors must board a boat to get to the island, so it is easy to track people.

As said by a resident, known in the area as Capt Puta, the area has only two police officers.

“The officers are not there because there is insecurity but because there was a certain American citizen who has been troubling the residents on land and he has been a nuisance,” Puta said.

"So the police are there to ensure he does not bring about trouble. But this place is peaceful; it does not require security guards to man it."

The island is composed of the Shirazi tribe, who live together in harmony and with understanding.

First, while at Funzi Island, you get to enjoy a boat ride from the mainland, which is Bodo village, to the island, which is now Funzi Island.

At low tide, one is able to experience a natural sandbank. You can lie on it and bask in the sun, and you also get to swim peacefully in the Indian Ocean.

From there, you can experience a boat ride to Ramisi River, where you get to see crocodiles up-close.


As you take the boat ride, you also get to see different species of birds singing and flying peacefully.

Right after a long boat ride and the exhaustion, you are invited for an appetizing coastal dish.

You get to taste different types of seafood, including crabs, prawns, and different kinds of fish, either dry-fried or wet-fried.

The seafood can be served with coconut rice and also delicious coconut sauce. Top it up with well-cooked coconut greens and your full diet is sorted.

After eating, you would definitely need that energy as you would need it to row while you kayak.

The island has a secluded area, where visitors go to kayak for as long as they want as they enjoy the peace of the area.

After kayaking, there is again a boat ride all the way to the mainland. You head back home satisfied with the fun experience away from all the noises you had left behind.