Police on high alert as DPP hits Ruto's stronghold

Most of those arrested come from Rift Valley and worked for Kerio Valley Development Authority.

Cabinet reshuffle looms after high profile arrests

Uhuru to seize the moment, effect far-reaching Cabinet changes to protect his legacy.

City Hall proposes new charges for pet owners and fire ...

Real estate sector, insurance and retail businesses targeted for fire certificate ...

Haji's anti-graft guns trained on big fish

Order for arrest of a member of the Executive indicates Haji has President's full backing.

Arrest of Rotich step in right direction

Taking the unprecedented action is a positive thing.

Supermarket bosses summoned to court

They will respond to accusations of contravening law on preservatives use.


PS on spot for using HR manager to collect bribes from head of parastatals.






Anyone can be arrested if Thugge, Rotich can be

The arrest of the Treasury CS and PS is literally earth-shattering.


Kelvin Ochieng story denotes thousands of betrayed youths

State promised a year-long paid internship programme, process marred with corruption.

Poor state of roads partly to blame for increased accidents

Potholes destroy vehicles and increase chances of accidents.

Lawmakers’power battles a waste of public time, money

The two houses failed to agree on allocation to counties, ending up in court.

Poor state of roads partly to blame for increased accidents

Potholes destroy vehicles and increase chances of accidents.

State can regulate betting without shutting firms down

Gaming industry has contributed to the economy, shutting them down denies state revenue.

Lawmakers’power battles a waste of public time, money

The two houses failed to agree on allocation to counties, ending up in court.

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22 July 2019


Stand off looms as KPC moves to evict thousands

KPC says efforts to have encroachers vacate its wayleave have bore little fruits.

Slow payment by government slowing Kenya's economy - ...

Govt arrears weighing on business sentiment, has had impact on domestic manufacturers.

Kenya's TransCentury, EA Cables say complete debt ...

Woes followed poor investment, attempt to revive the colonial era Kenya-Uganda railway.

Arrests of top officals halt activities at Treasury

Treasury manages national economic policy, prepares government’s annual budget.


Gold price drops sharply as trade talk hopes rise

Optimism around potential trade deal between the US and China to blame.

Kenya postpones launch of commodity exchange

The exchange will allow farmers to sell their produce at real-time market prices.

Meru farmers get export market for bananas in Hungary

Plant started in 2004 in Abothuguchi Central.


Part of the problem is remembering where you spoke to whom, and about what!

US Rate Cut in three weeks a Racing Certainty

US Stock Markets have punched clean through to Fresh All Time Highs.

The Courage to Drive Innovation

If you succumb to fear, innovation can be hindered.

World Bank housing loan to lock out poor Kenyans

The facility will allow borrowers to repay the loan at between three, seven and 15 years.

Landlords stare at empty rooms as demand drops

Empty residential houses in Lavington, General Mathenge Road and TRM

Saudi sacks housing minister as shortage bites

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman replaced the housing minister last week after pledging to ...



Kwanthanze face injury blow as coach Kigwari expresses fear

Coach says defending the title will be a bit of a challenge minus the five players.

Rehan back in the groove as Yuvraj, Hakada triumph

Hakada, a former 2WD Turbo champion,  came second in the Open Class.

Barry says he’s equal to the task as he takes over as FKF ...

Robert Muthomi stepped aside to allow investigations into player transfer deal.

Bhudia not surprised by weekend loss to Swamibapa

On Saturday, Kanbis struggled against Sir Ali and had to beat them through super over.

Police determined to end the first leg on a high after a ...

Team moved on, boasts a rich vein of form, much to the delight of the coach.

Tangit Sparks hire Oluoch to turn around fortunes

Oluoch sounded a warning to the girls saying they must shape up or ship out.


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Mercury, lead found in sukuma wiki samples

You are better off buying sukuma wiki from local market than Supermarket.

EXCLUSIVE: When poor planning increases pollution

Walkabout with a mobile sensor showed serious levels of air pollution

EXCLUSIVE: Sickening water rocks three counties

Lab tests by the Star have established high levels of bacteria.

Mukuru fumes put 60 asthma patients a month in hospital

As we wait to be let into Maendeleo Learning Centre, smoke drifts over from the chimney ...


How Rotich plans to spend your money

Country mired in debt, forcing govt to borrow from Peter to pay Paul.

Six things Kenyans expect from Rotich in today's budget

Reduced taxes, commodity prices and lower manufacturing costs top Kenyans' priorities.

Kenyans fear higher taxes to finance budget

Cofek says CS needs to set realistic budget given expected fall in revenue projections.

How to raise revenue key in Rotich's budget

We expect much more than the lines that money will be spent on, but how it will be raised.

City Hall drafting supplementary budget to pay Sh2.7 debt

Money will settle debts owed to small suppliers, legal fees and works.

Budget Day: Heightened security around Parliament

People accessing the premises are thoroughly frisked at the the gate.

End budget stalemate that endangers counties, devolution

Stalemate between the Senators and MPs speaks volumes about the vested interests.

State to spend Sh80bn more in 2018-19 supplementary budget

Senate needed Sh500 million for oversight of county governments.

Cabinet approves 2019/2020 budget statement

Budget outlines new expenditures and taxation measures to fund the Sh3.02 trillion budget.

Rotich announces new austerity measures to cut spending

Government to adopt a policy of no new projects to ensure completion of existing ones.

Education sector wins big in Rotich’s 2019-20 budget

Universities to be scrapped or merged in reforms aimed at enhancing management.

You will pay more for boda boda, tuk tuk ride

Boda boda owners will now be required to insure their passengers.

Government sets aside Sh450 billion for Uhuru's Big 4

UHC gets 47.8 billion with additional of Sh7.9 billion from the Sports Fund.

Matiangi's docket gets lion's share in security budget

The Interior Ministry has been allocated Sh140 billion in the 2019/2020 budget.

Blow for gamblers, drinkers in Rotich's budget

Rotich proposed excise duty on betting at the rate of 10 per cent of the amount staked.