Senators and MPs should shake hands for Wanjiku's sake

Counties will suffer financially if the two Houses don't settle on an allocation

In Summary

• Just because there are reports of looting in counties doesn't mean they should be denied cash, investigative agencies should tighten noose on culprits. 

• The leaders should emulate the Presidents and ODM leader Raila and make peace for the sake of the bigger masses. 

Members of Parliament and senate at the Parliament gallery
WORK TOGETHER: Members of Parliament and senate at the Parliament gallery
Image: Monicah Mwangi

The supremacy war between the Senate and National Assembly is uncalled for and if anything, they are punishing the wrong people.

The Building Bridges Team should take note of this to avoid ambiguity in future. Counties must be given money. MPs may be on chest thumping spree but if they had their ears to the ground they would realise wananchi are not with them on matters devolution.

One would also have expected the National Assembly to question the huge budget for health for national government whereas that is a devolved function.

There is a Swahili saying ‘fasili wawili wakutanapo, nyasi huumia’-and if senators and members of Parliament don’t resolve their supremacy issues soon, it’s the counties and Wanjiku who will be left to suffer.