KRA’s efforts to make filing returns easier are laudable

Before 2014, citizens had to file their returns manually and present them personally to the taxman's offices

In Summary

• Periodic enhancements to iTax have improved efficiency of the system and reduced time required for the process. 

• Taxman should not stop but keep exploring more ways to make process easier and faster. 

The iTax portal is accessible via the KRA website
DIGITISED PROCESSES: The iTax portal is accessible via the KRA website

For many years, tax returns filing was never a walk in the park. Back in the day, the exercise was manual and taxpayers would submit hardcopy documents of their tax returns to KRA offices in person.

In 2014, the Kenya Revenue Authority, through the introduction of the iTax platform, made substantial efforts to automate the exercise with a view to enhancing efficiency.

Although most taxpayers experienced many challenges with the new system back then, periodic enhancements on the system have made the exercise a walk in the park now.

The efforts made by KRA are evident and commendable. Given that simplicity is infinite, the taxman should not stop at that but explore more ways of making the process simpler and faster.