Three al Shabaab militants killed in Lamu, two cops injured

The explosive injured two police officers at a road along the Kiunga-Somalia border.

Esther Arunga admits to lying about son's death

Justice Martin Burns is expected to sentence the former TV presenter on Thursday.

Thief seeks forgiveness after breaking into church

Suspect hoped to steal money said was kept in the church.

CBK to brand lending apps with approval mark

The aim is to protect consumers from exploitation by rogue lending apps.

Caf boss Ahmad paid for same days but different countries

In June, Fifa and Caf announced that the former will install its own Secretary General.

Sportpesa named top taxpayer thrice by KRA

Sportpesa revenue in 2018 was Sh20bn; paid Sh6.4bn in taxes; and made a profit of Sh9bn.


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Great journalism key to vibrant, profitable media industry

Uncompromising excellence in writing is the lifeblood of journalism.


Do Chinese use prison labour in Africa?

This is an old story, but because it’s sensationalism it has endured.

Where would Kenya be if it engaged its finest minds?

There are many who believe Kenya is a sleeping giant.

The real refugee problem

Few of the migrants fit the legal definition of refugees.

Taxman’s plan to tax water shows a nation headed South

KRA's missed targets puts them in a desperate situation if they are taxing drinking.

Pictures should be taken for more accuracy this census

KNBS should also compare figures from the census to those from Huduma Namba.

GMOs are the key to government’s food security agenda

Country has a deficit of maize and always has every year, hence need for import.

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15 July 2019


De La Rue gets tax break amid biting notes shortage

The firm has received a one-year exemption to allow them produce all the currency notes Kenya needs

CBK to brand lending apps with approval mark

The aim is to protect consumers from exploitation by rogue lending apps.

Uber, Bolt drivers strike over unimplemented MoU

The taxi drivers feel cheated with the digital firms appearing detached to the MoU.

US Rate Cut in three weeks a Racing Certainty

US Stock Markets have punched clean through to Fresh All Time Highs.


Gold price drops sharply as trade talk hopes rise

Optimism around potential trade deal between the US and China to blame.

Kenya postpones launch of commodity exchange

The exchange will allow farmers to sell their produce at real-time market prices.

Meru farmers get export market for bananas in Hungary

Plant started in 2004 in Abothuguchi Central.

The Courage to Drive Innovation

If you succumb to fear, innovation can be hindered.

Oil & Gas: Are We There Yet?

750 million barrels of crude oil considered commercially viable.

Experience not Service

Good customer experience makes a person five times likely to recommend a company.

World Bank housing loan to lock out poor Kenyans

The facility will allow borrowers to repay the loan at between three, seven and 15 years.

Landlords stare at empty rooms as demand drops

Empty residential houses in Lavington, General Mathenge Road and TRM

Saudi sacks housing minister as shortage bites

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman replaced the housing minister last week after pledging to ...



Tunisia lament missed chances as they lose Cup of Nations ...

They bungled their way through the group phase but still qualified second

Senegal to miss stalwart Koulibaly in Cup of Nations final

The imposing centre back cautioned for a second time in three matches.

Belmadi hopes African coaches will get more opportunities

Both Senegal and Algeria led by local coaches in their early 40s.

Arsenal owner Kroenke under fresh pressure after damning ...

Faced vitriol from fans amid concerns over his commitment to the club.

Griezmann’s Barca deal provides more questions than answers

On the face of it, Griezmann should find a natural home in Barcelona

Pogba must put his head down and focus on pre-season, says ...

United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hit out at the media during a pre-season tour


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Mercury, lead found in sukuma wiki samples

You are better off buying sukuma wiki from local market than Supermarket.

EXCLUSIVE: When poor planning increases pollution

Walkabout with a mobile sensor showed serious levels of air pollution

EXCLUSIVE: Sickening water rocks three counties

Lab tests by the Star have established high levels of bacteria.

Mukuru fumes put 60 asthma patients a month in hospital

As we wait to be let into Maendeleo Learning Centre, smoke drifts over from the chimney ...


How Rotich plans to spend your money

Country mired in debt, forcing govt to borrow from Peter to pay Paul.

Six things Kenyans expect from Rotich in today's budget

Reduced taxes, commodity prices and lower manufacturing costs top Kenyans' priorities.

Kenyans fear higher taxes to finance budget

Cofek says CS needs to set realistic budget given expected fall in revenue projections.

How to raise revenue key in Rotich's budget

We expect much more than the lines that money will be spent on, but how it will be raised.

City Hall drafting supplementary budget to pay Sh2.7 debt

Money will settle debts owed to small suppliers, legal fees and works.

Budget Day: Heightened security around Parliament

People accessing the premises are thoroughly frisked at the the gate.

End budget stalemate that endangers counties, devolution

Stalemate between the Senators and MPs speaks volumes about the vested interests.

State to spend Sh80bn more in 2018-19 supplementary budget

Senate needed Sh500 million for oversight of county governments.

Cabinet approves 2019/2020 budget statement

Budget outlines new expenditures and taxation measures to fund the Sh3.02 trillion budget.

Rotich announces new austerity measures to cut spending

Government to adopt a policy of no new projects to ensure completion of existing ones.

Education sector wins big in Rotich’s 2019-20 budget

Universities to be scrapped or merged in reforms aimed at enhancing management.

You will pay more for boda boda, tuk tuk ride

Boda boda owners will now be required to insure their passengers.

Government sets aside Sh450 billion for Uhuru's Big 4

UHC gets 47.8 billion with additional of Sh7.9 billion from the Sports Fund.

Matiangi's docket gets lion's share in security budget

The Interior Ministry has been allocated Sh140 billion in the 2019/2020 budget.

Blow for gamblers, drinkers in Rotich's budget

Rotich proposed excise duty on betting at the rate of 10 per cent of the amount staked.