Dusit attacker's mother released on bail

Sakina Abdalla was charged with failing to disclose information about Gichunge's whereabouts.

Government denies drought deaths

DP says the State has released Sh2b for food and water supply.

French investigators find crash 'similarities'

Ethiopian Airlines crash was the second disaster involving the aircraft type in five ...

Senior Rudisha laid to rest

He died two weeks ago from heart attack at Nakuru War Memorial Hospital.

I'll not respond to theatrics, Joho tells Senators

MCAs defied Joho's instructions, who wants CECs allowed to work without summons.

Raila using war with Ruto to finish Uhuru

Right now the President stands isolated.

Kenyan doctor dies in Cuba

He was one of the 50 doctors sent out for speacialised training

Corridors of Power

Corridors of Power

Corridors of power

Corridors of Power


Can we act in time to save our kind?

The first real alarm on our collective damage to the environment was sounded in 1972.


State, counties should find lasting solutions to water ...

Water resources are overstretched with the rise in demand and climate change

Let’s not wait for drought deaths to act

This short story teaches us that preparedness for war is the best guarantee of success.

War on terror unfair to Muslims

A West-driven campaign that has exclusively positioned the community as an existential ...

Gender equality not fight against boy child

Policies made not to bring the boy child down but to give everyone an equal chance

State, counties should find lasting solutions to water ...

Water resources are overstretched with the rise in demand and climate change

Hunger a sign devolution not working

Yet leaders move around in convoys and helicopters

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18 March 2019

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19 March 2019


1,000 kiosk owners to get training in smartduka project

It is expected that the training will increase profits by more than 30%.

Kenya-Mauritius Double Tax Avoidance void -Court

The court ruled that due process as laid out in the Kenyan constitution was not followed

Cofek to appeal interest cap ruling

Cofek said the ruling was grossly defective

Failed M-Akiba now lists on bourse

The government reopened sale of the mobile-based Sh5 billion infrastructure bond


Teachable moments from failed ET flight

Yared Getachew asked to return in panicked tone 3 minutes after takeoff

How to grow hope

People are wishful in their approach to hope because is not anchored to vision

Modernising the energy legislative framework

The legislation will govern the exploring and production of petroleum resources

Aly Khan Satchu: Xi Jinping President for Life

Xinhua pronounced this historical announcement; the Central Committee of the Communist ...

Davos, Solheim and an outstanding IR Effort out of Southern ...

My Guest at Mindspeak this Saturday was Erik Solheim the executive director of UN ...

2017 in the eyes of the markets

As we roll towards the end of the year, Tennyson's poem In Memoriam came to my ...

US identifying people with role in mortgage crisis

US Attorney General Eric Holder said last week he has given federal prosecutors a 90-day ...

NCA firm on rules limiting China contractors

The National Construction Authority has maintained that foreign firms will have to ...

Why you will be better off applying flame-retardant paint

For an outstanding finish in your home, you need to use outstanding products. At the ...



DAK cleared to host Africa Championships

Kenya was awarded the rights due to their dominance in the World Deaf Championships.

Local pros will need more tour exposure to excel at the ...

More Kenyans will have to play a lot more overseas.

Europe’s top clubs to hold talks with Uefa

There is an agreement in place between the teams and Uefa until 2024.

DTMS set to debut Kenyan football in July

The system also generates transfer activity reports.

Kayange in world sevens panel

Kayange retired from rugby last year after a distinguished career

Pressure continues to mount on Chelsea's Sarri

For Chelsea and their coach, it was all greatly disappointing and a little familiar.


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