11 killed in Kikopey crash, truck driver flees

In the last two years over 30 people have died along the stretch.

Why Uhuru suspended all his social media accounts

'Closest political ally' comment seen as the bone of contention.

Mungiki crime buster takes secrets to grave

Utterly fearless, except of witchcraft; burial today

Uhuru on graft: Friend or ally, we'll come for you

President tells Kenyans in Namibia that the war on corruption will continue.

Uhuru's Twitter deactivated minutes after corruption post

The President who spoke firmly said he will not spare anybody on the war against ...

Judge Ibrahim denies gun drama with guard

Security guard tells police Supreme Court Judge threatened him with gun

Doctors in Cuba to get additional Sh144,000

Each trainee to get Sh400,000 every month, inclusive of Kenyan salary

Corridors of Power

Corridors of Power

Corridors of Power

Corridors of Power


State uncouth and callous to downplay starvation

Ruto recklessly described the death reports as fake news


There's room for everyone in graft war

There is enough to do for everyone and then some

Roll out CBC; even Rome wasn't built in a day

Education stakeholders should change their attitude, embrace the system

Editorial Cartoon March 22, 2019

Release delayed school funds to avoid chaos

More than 200 secondary schools are yet to receive government funding

No Kenyan should starve when state can buy maize

If a person dies because of hunger, people question government

Roll out CBC; even Rome wasn't built in a day

Education stakeholders should change their attitude, embrace the system

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22 March 2019


Farmers protest Sh40 a litre in milk prices

More than 400 dairy farmers have objected sale of milk to processors, saying the move will lower their earnings by ...

Kenya freshen ties with Tunisia

Kenya and Tunisia have revived their economic relations that have been sluggish over ...

Corruption hurting family businesses - report

The report advises that a strong values-led culture can help.

State to digitise land registry services

Move will help improve  ability to track and trace land transactions


Status of the Kenya – Mauritius DTAA

Legal Notice 59 of 2014 was null and void as was not properly tabled

Teachable moments from failed ET flight

Yared Getachew asked to return in panicked tone 3 minutes after takeoff

How to grow hope

People are wishful in their approach to hope because is not anchored to vision

Welcome to Nairobi, Macron

The iconic French philosopher Paul Virilio said this about the Street

Aly Khan Satchu: Xi Jinping President for Life

Xinhua pronounced this historical announcement; the Central Committee of the Communist ...

Davos, Solheim and an outstanding IR Effort out of Southern ...

My Guest at Mindspeak this Saturday was Erik Solheim the executive director of UN ...

US identifying people with role in mortgage crisis

US Attorney General Eric Holder said last week he has given federal prosecutors a 90-day ...

NCA firm on rules limiting China contractors

The National Construction Authority has maintained that foreign firms will have to ...

Why you will be better off applying flame-retardant paint

For an outstanding finish in your home, you need to use outstanding products. At the ...



Rono's relatives dismiss his plea for help to come home

"He’s a man of means here at home and owns a number of properties." - Wilfred Bungei.

Liverpool as champions scares Rooney

Liverpool are top of the table with two points more City, who have a game in hand.

World Cup 2022 only target for Van Marwijk

Former Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and Australia coach was unveiled as Italian Zaccheroni's ...

British legend Bellew tips Zarika to floor Phiri

Fatuma Zarika advised to impose her hard-hitting antics.

Kenya orders prisons team to take the next flight home

Prisons may face sanctions from the Confederation of African Volleyball.

South American bid favourite for 2030 World Cup, says ...

 •The original 2030 bid was by Argentina and Uruguay, with neighbours Paraguay and Chile ...


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