On The Dock

Two charged at Kibera Court for assaulting a cow

The two suspects denied charges of injuring a dairy cow.

Man fakes Covid-19 status to get free bond

Released on Sh10,000 cash bail.

Man assaults wife accusing her of sleeping with caretaker

Says it is punishment for the alleged adultery.

I have no problem serving life sentence, man tells court

In another incident, police took a suspect to court without any charges

Suspects engage magistrate in cash bail bargain

Two fined Sh5,000 each, the third Sh10,000

Magistrate causes excitement with beautiful wife

The officers could not hide their awe

Scared magistrate flees from reporter over Covid-19

Court drama.

Fury as feaces found at court parking lot

Security guard says court dealing with extreme garbage.

Suspects corner OCS during questioning

In another case, customer was charged with failing to pay hotel bill, stealing Sh18,000

Suspect embarrassed after trying to seduce magistrate

The suspects told the magistrate of how she is pretty, clean and black beauty.

Magistrate embarrasses prosecutor in open court

• A magistrate at a Nairobi court called her prosecutor a joker who takes things casually and is an idler.

Man threatens to cane female magistrate at a Nairobi court

Man at a Nairobi court attempted to use walking stick to attack female magistrate.

Food vendor storms courtroom to demand Sh75 debt

In another story, a suspect sought sympathy by lying his tooth had broken

Prosecutor trolls colleague over her cheap hair extension

Prosecutor had to leave after his comments had made the woman almost cry.

Female magistrate in shock after man holds manhood in court

Officer tells colleague "female police officer is a male police officer's property".