Starehe Girls isolates 52 students after health scare

School administration said the situation is a minor one and has been controlled.

In Summary

• Samples have been taken from students for further tests, the outcome expected in the next two days. 

Starehe Girls Centre students at a past event.
Starehe Girls Centre students at a past event.

A total of 52 students from Starehe Girls Centre have been isolated following cases of girls with a high-pitched cough, sneezing and low grade fever in the school.

The school on Tuesday said samples have been taken for further tests to determine the condition.

The results will be ready in two days.


School director, Sister Jane Soita, said the school is working closely with the Ministry of Health, Department of the Integrated Disease Surveillance Response and the Nairobi subcounty department to contain the situation.

In a statement on Tuesday, the school said the condition is 'minor' and is being handled.

Soita said parents of the affected students have been notified, adding that no one has been admitted.

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