Was there a secret plot to heckle Uhuru after Sagana?

MP walked in empty-handed but after the meeting, left with a huge paper bag.

In Summary

• Greedy Cabinet Secretary gets three additional PAs.

• Central Kenya governor consulting over his political future.

President Uhuru Kenyatta
President Uhuru Kenyatta
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Political scheming seems to have become a full-time career for some MPs. On Thursday evening, just a day before President Uhuru Kenyatta held a meeting with Mount Kenya leaders at Sagana State Lodge, an MP, who is one of his fiercest critics, made a curious visit to an important government office. He walked in empty-handed but after hours of closed-door deliberations with a senior government official, left with a huge paper bag. Those in the know claim the “parcel” was nothing but wads of cash. It is not clear what the money was meant for. However, there are whispers that the MP, who hails from 'the diaspora', was to organise for Uhuru’s heckling if he went ahead to address people after the closed-door meeting.

A Cabinet Secretary who holds an influential docket is on the spot. Why? The man seems to be using his office to get plum jobs for his friends and relatives. Besides, he has taken advantage of the huge government portfolio to live large. Those aware of his moves say that just recently, the man, who pretends to live a simple life, applied and got three additional personal assistants. As if that was not enough, he applied for a car loan for all of them — all funded by the taxpayer. Apparently, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s order on austerity measures is just on paper as those tasked with implementing it live like kings.


Politicians are on an overdrive secretly registering political parties ahead of the 2022 polls. Sources told Corridors that a group of politicians have begun the process of registering a new political machine. The proposed name is The Service Party (TSP) with royal blue as its colours. The party symbol is a yellow and white heart inside a circle. Names of those behind the party remain top secret. However, sources close to Register of Political Parties Ann Nderitu said the party has applied for provisional registration. Registering a political party is a tedious and expensive process. One must have at least 1,000 registered members in half of the counties. You must also open offices in at least 24 counties.

An influential governor from Central on Friday hosted politicians at a popular hotel along Murang'a-Kenol road for private talks. The county boss, who is said to be angling for a national role in 2022, retreated for the session moments after leaving the Sagana State Lodge. A Murang'a politician who attended the talks confided in Corridors that the governor is weighing on shifting political base to a neighbouring county or ignoring reelection contest altogether. There have been claims the governor is plotting to be someone's running-mate in 2022. The talks are one in a round of many sessions to come as part of consultations before a decision is made.