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February 22, 2019

City Hall workers to strike on Tuesday over delayed 15% salary increase

Nairobi county workers during a demonstration on non-payment of salaries in 2017. /FILE
Nairobi county workers during a demonstration on non-payment of salaries in 2017. /FILE

Nairobi county staff will strike on Tuesday to protest failure by Governor Mike Sonko's administration to implement the 2012 Collective Bargaining Agreement.

If fully implemented, workers would get a 15 to 28 per cent salary increment.

The county government workers union (KCGWU) secretary general Roba Duba on Monday asked workers to assemble outside City Hall at 9am tomorrow.

“More than 13,000 workers are going to rally at City Hall from and we will continue doing so until our CBA is fully implemented. The Governor promised to have the CBA implemented by January this year, but that has not happened,” Duba said.

Duba said the CBA had already been registered at the Industrial Court and only the implementation bit remains.

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The CBA is divided into two, monetary and non-monetary terms which will see workers also benefit from other perks like leave allowances, medical cover and other related perks.

The Nairobi branch secretary Benson Oriaro, in a letter dated February 4, 2019, issued the strike notice to the county government.

"Due to non-compliance and by disowning your own promise vide letter ref: 12/2018 dates December 13, 2018, to implement in January we, hereby, invoke Section 18 of the Employment Act 20007, to parade the entire Nairobi county government workforce at City Hall beginning February 12, 2019, to demand full implementation as registered," read the letter.

Last year in December, City Hall promised to implement a 15 per cent pay hike deal struck between the county government and the workers union in May 2017 which was later registered in September 2018.

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