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February 22, 2019

Scrapping term limits will breed graft – MP

Scrapping term limits for holders of   national and county executive positions will create political kings and erode democracy, Lugari MP Ayub Savula said yesterday.

Term limits, Savula said, ensured accountability, transparency and respect to democracy by those in control of public resources. Removing the limits will breed corruption and impunity, he said.

“If governors want to remain in power without limits, let them become senators, MPs or even MCAs, because those serving in the legislative arm have no limits. Why do they want to remain permanently where there is money?” he asked.

There are claims that governors, through a special committee, are working on a report that proposes their term limits of two-five years be removed.

The proposals are to be presented to the Building Bridges Initiative team. Savula said governors calling for scrapping of term limits should be investigated.

“Those in executive positions control resources. Power corrupts and it corrupts absolutely. If they are asking for removal of terms as governors and some want to be president, it means they will become the Robert Mugabes if they are elected head of state,” he said by phone.

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