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February 21, 2019

Family forgives suspect who confessed to killing their son

Mombasa law court .FILE
Mombasa law court .FILE

The family of a Mombasa businessman killed last year has forgiven one of the suspects who confessed to the murder.

Isaack Kassim was strangled to death on March 8 along the Mombasa-Malindi road. Suspect Ngira Karisa confessed to being involved in the murder.

Now the family says they have come to terms with their son’s death.

Karisa was charged alongside two others with Kassim’s murder. He had denied the charges but later pleaded guilty in a plea bargain.

Kassim’s family said reality had dawned on them about their son’s death and that there was no need to hold grudges.

They said they have accepted the apology from Karisa, saying the suspect was remorseful for his action.

“The court should consider our forgiveness towards the accused while pronouncing itself during the sentencing,” the family said.

In their affidavit, the family said they were ready to make any official statements to the court in regard to their stand.

Karisa said he was coerced to commit the offence and that it was never his wish to do so. He told the court that he was not involved in planning the killing.

“It was due to my remorse that I initiated the plea-bargaining process with the prosecution,” he said.

He said he has cooperated with the police and confessed his wrong doing to clear his conscience. “I seek for court’s forgiveness and leniency in sentencing. I ask for a term not exceeding four years.”

The prosecution told the court the accused has been cooperative and truthful throughout plea-bargaining.

Senior state counsel Yamina Jamina said the court should consider the family’s forgiveness and be lenient while passing sentence.

“The court has discretion to sentence him to more than 10 years or less or even non-custodial sentence,” Jamina said.

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