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February 22, 2019

Itumbi, Donald Kipkorir in ugly Twitter spat over New York Times' gory terror photos

State House official Dennis Itumbi (left) and lawyer Donald Kipkorir. /COURTESY
State House official Dennis Itumbi (left) and lawyer Donald Kipkorir. /COURTESY

There was a bitter exchange between businessman Donald Kipkorir and State House operative Dennis Itumbi over the coverage of the Dusit terror attack by the New York Times.

The Media Council of Kenya had on Thursday demanded an apology from the NYT over its publication of horrific photos of victims on Tuesday's Dusit terror attack.

The American news outlet had borne the brunt of angry Kenyans after they published pictures of the injured victims of the terror attack including dead bodies.

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But on his Twitter account, Kipkorir said the Media Council was engaging in 'puerile stands'.

"It’s like Kenya threatening the US or Burundi threatening France. Some threats are just stupid! NYT apologised. The owner of NYT is as rich as Kenya. We should look for our playmates," Kipkorir tweeted.

 Itumbi lashed back at the businessman, saying that Kipkorir normally tweets about lawyer Ahmednasir's wealth and that was far beyond the topic of discussion.

"Ahmednasir is richer than you and handles legal briefs of higher stature than you. He did not steal from the defunct Kenya Post and Telecommunication either. When he [Ahmednasir] tweets something you disagree with you tweet back his wealth notwithstanding," he said.

Agitated by the tweet, Kipkorir said Itumbi's hatred against him was because he refused to be his friend.

"Dennis, Ahmednasir is my friend, I’ve never taken handouts, I’ve never stolen .. Will never steal. You will never amount to anything in life .. you will always be an errand boy and a media terrorist," he said.

But Itumbi said Kipkorir cannot be a friend to those he considers errand boys.

"You threaten to sue them, they tell you to bring it on. You run away on heels like that hashtag #SlayQueenLawyer - as you say, many trust me as an errand boy. Your record as a lawyer speaks loudly," he said.

 "More aptly, by perception or reality, you are richer than me, if you tweet a lie, like you so often do, be sure, A hashtag will be published - #SlayQueenLawyer."

Noticing that Itumbi was not engaging him on the New York opinion he had posted, Kipkorir lashed out at him saying the personal abuse was default of every 'charlatan and fool'.

"Instead of debating my tweet, you abuse me can sponsor hashtags against me .... you will never be on the same lane with me .. like all whores, you sell your media terrorism to anyone than can pay your rent.," he said.

Itumbi responded, "I accept your prophecy. At least I am something in your view. Mtu wa kutumwa. Mtu wa mkono. Na Niko sawa. (An errand boy..I am okay). Jeremiah 29.11 - For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

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