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February 16, 2019

Makueni MCAs plan to sue assembly leaders

The Makueni county assembly in session. /FILE
The Makueni county assembly in session. /FILE

Makueni nominated women MCAs have threatened to sue the assembly leadership over what they termed “unfair treatment”.

They accused the speaker and other assembly leaders of favouring the elected MCAs.

They spoke to the press on Monday.

The leaders claimed the assembly disregarded a circular issued by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission, directing all MCAs be accorded three members of staff.

“According to the SRC, all MCAs whether elected or nominated should have three members of staff but here, nominated MCAs have only one staffer [a driver]. Our elected counterparts have six members of staff,” Janet Kitung’a said.

Kitung’a also took issue with the composition of the Assembly Liaison Committee, saying it does not have gender balance. “For example in the Liaison Committee, which has 20 members, we only have one nominated MCA in that team against 19 male elected MCAs. The two-thirds gender rule has not been adhered to,” she said.

The assembly has 48 members. Of the number, 30 are elected and 18 are nominated. Only one woman MCA is elected, with 15 being nominated.

Kitung’a said if a house of rules and procedures does not respect the gender rule, then they will look bad to outsiders.

“Why should we have the Constitution if women will continue being discriminated against even in the assembly?” she asked.

The women MCAs threatened to go to court should the assembly fail to address their grievances.

Speaker Douglas Mbilu asked the MCAs to officially raise the matter with the assembly leadership and stop engaging in wars in the media.

“I don’t want to respond through the media. They should follow the assembly procedures to raise their concerns,” he said on the phone.

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