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February 16, 2019

Heartbroken Brown Mauzo denies attempting suicide

Brown Mauzo
Brown Mauzo

Coastal bongo sensation Brown Mauzo has dismissed rumours he has attempted suicide.

The rumours emerged after a video went viral last week of Brown looking helpless as he was carried out of an ambulance and placed on a wheelchair.

A few weeks before that video, Brown exclusively spoke to Word Is. He said his relationship with his long-term girlfriend ended on December 31, and that's why he has been stressed.

"In life, everyone goes through a lot and there is no hero when it comes to love. It came a time when she just started acting weird, just when I released my new video, 'Kizunguzungu'," he said, breaking down.

"I wasn't okay because it hurts me every time I remember this situation. Can we just talk about something else?"

When asked to comment on rumours he is trying to commit suicide, Brown said:

"I can't do that, it was just a heart attack. I really do not want to talk about this. I can't talk about it now because the wound still hurts.

"I did not understand why she left because even in the past, we always did something on the 31st because it's my birthday. But on this specific one, she was not in the mood, and I kept asking what is the matter."

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