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February 17, 2019

Corridors of Power

Deputy President William Ruto. /DPPS
Deputy President William Ruto. /DPPS

Organisers of the press conference that was addressed by a faction of Mt Kenya leaders that does not support DP William Ruto (pictured) are yet to recover from the shock. Those in the know told Corridors that they had reached out to all elected leaders from Mt Kenya region and also those with roots in the region not only to show solidarity but also to send a message to the DP that “he was not necessarily in control of the MPs”. Not even the pleas in a WhatsApp group by an MP who was behind the conference could help as MPs ignored his pleas. The conference took place at Serena Hotel, Nairobi, and was attended by less than 10 MPs and the majority of political losers.

A flamboyant governor used to threatening people left, right and centre met his match recently. The county chief bumped into one of the well-oiled men of the country. Upon seeing him, he started hurling insults and all sorts of abuses, threatening that he would demolish one of his premises. To the shock of many of his hangers-on who had accompanied him, the man didn’t seem moved by the governor’s rant. “Don’t think I’m those pushovers. If you don’t keep off my affairs, your body will be picked at City Mortuary,” the man warned the governor, who had been spoiling for a fight. Embarrassed at the dressing-down before his men, the worried governor recoiled and left in a huff with his retinue.

There are murmurs of discontent among senior officers from one of the wings of the Kenya Police Service. They are complaining that their boss rarely returns their calls or responds to text messages, however pressing the matter they want to pass across. Moles told Corridors, however, that the boss is more accessible to his juniors, whose calls he picks and with whom he enjoys lengthy chats. This is said to be causing friction between the juniors and their seniors, who sometimes get the boss’s instructions from the juniors. Just to show how terrible the situation is, the senior officers in the ranks of AIG are sometimes made to wait at the boss’s offices for hours, only to be told the boss has left.

Just who did Kenya Power and some counties contract to supply the concrete electric poles? This is the question many users are asking because the poles are prone to breaking with the slightest hit, leaving ugly scenes of concrete and a hole in the buyers’ pockets. Corridors is wondering: Did production and sale of the poles pass any standards? For how long will the substandard poles remain on sale?

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