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January 21, 2019

Majority support Ruto, Kalonzo still jobless, Why Central is uneasy: Your Breakfast Briefing

Deputy President William Ruto when he chaired a multi-agency committee meeting on Food Safety and Quality Standards at his Karen office on Thursday./DPPS
Deputy President William Ruto when he chaired a multi-agency committee meeting on Food Safety and Quality Standards at his Karen office on Thursday./DPPS

Good Morning.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Friday restructured his Cabinet by presenting names of the nominees to be vetted in the various dockets.

Sonko was also expected to name his candidate for the deputy Governor but said the NASA coalition showed interest in the position and asked him to nominate Rahab Wangui.

Here are the stories making headlines in the Weekend Star this Saturday morning.

Majority believe Uhuru will support Ruto for President

Deputy President William Ruto's chances of becoming the next president remain high despite opposition from sections of political leaders, a Radio Africa Group poll in Nairobi suggests.

The telephone poll conducted on Thursday and Friday within all constituencies indicates that a clear majority, 54 per cent, believe Ruto is fit to succeed his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta, in 2022.

The report is likely to be music to the ears of the DP who is facing rebellion from within his Jubilee Party and perceived lack of enthusiasm for his candidacy by President Kenyatta.


Kalonzo yet to be confirmed as envoy even as a revolt emerges in Ukambani

Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka is facing perhaps the biggest political nightmare of his life even as it emerged that the ex-vice president remains jobless.

Kalonzo was widely reported to have been appointed a special peace envoy to South Sudan as part of the handshake goodies President Uhuru Kenyatta is dishing to the Opposition.

But the Star has established that almost three months after the alleged appointment, the deals remains uncertain.

This even after he openly pledged his loyalty to Uhuru and vowed to remain his errand boy, a move that irked a section of his political backers.


Why is Central Kenya no longer at ease? It is the economy, stupid!

The presidency is the topmost and ultimate prize of Kenya’s general elections and competition for it stems from the notion that it is not only a good thing of and in itself but a consequential political tool to possess.

 In the 2013 and 2017 general elections, Uhuru Kenyatta convinced his political base in the Mount Kenya region that because Raila Odinga could not be entrusted with the presidency, electing him was crucial to protect and advance their interests.

Put bluntly, the presidency was a necessary tool to protect the existing share of pork for them and bring more ugali and mboga home.


Kayole residents struggling to cope after demolitions

62 was the age she planned to start living her life; sleep till dawn breaks, enjoy breakfast on her balcony and tell old tales to her grandson as they waited for lunch to be served.

All looked fine until one morning, a yellow bulldozer arrived at her house in Nyama Villa Kayole, intentionally ignoring the door, and bringing down everything.

Mary Wango, knew that would be a new dawn, one she never fathomed. From a landlady, she had been reduced to a squatter.


Universal Health Care: What was achieved in the course of 2018?

The national government has prioritised universal health coverage in its Big 4 agenda over the next five years.

UHC ensures all people can use the promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative health services they need, of sufficient quality to be effective, without exposing the user to financial hardship.

At least 3.2 million Kenyans in four counties will be the first beneficiaries of a new health package being developed by the government.


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