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January 21, 2019

Bishop slams leaders opposed to Kenyatta

Bishop Francis Karara last September/ NDICHU WAINAINA
Bishop Francis Karara last September/ NDICHU WAINAINA

Mt Kenya leaders rising against President Uhuru Kenyatta on claims that he has neglected the region are hypocrites, Bishop Francis Karara of Holy Temple of the Lord Christ said yesterday. 

He said the leaders are desperate to divert public scrutiny away from the money entrusted to them.

“Can they first tell us where this money is? Is it not hypocritical to misuse our money and then rise against the President?” Karara said.

The cleric said Uhuru’s work is evident across the country and the leaders against him need to appreciate that he is head of the nation and not the Kikuyu.

He spoke in Ol Kalou town. Karara accused elected leaders of taking credit for projects being undertaken by the national government.

He said the Last Mile Connectivity project and road construction recently launched in Nyandarua by Deputy President William Ruto and Energy CS are some of the projects that the governor, MPs and MCAs have rushed to take credit for.

Since 2013, Karara said, Nyandarua county has received more than Sh24 billion from the national government, while Kiambu county has received over 60 billion.

Every MP is entrusted with a Sh100 million annually for constituency development but there is little to show for it, he said.

Karara said the noise is not about development but 2022 politics. In the Rift Valley, he said, Deputy President William Ruto is being fought, while in Central and Mt Kenya Uhuru is now being fought. This, Karara said, is surprising.

He said those making noise epitomise ignorant political juveniles desperate to make a name for themselves with focus on 2022 succession politics. Karara said a president is anointed by God through the people.

The cleric warned the leaders that  rising against the President is tantamount to a fool who fights his father, hence, attracting a curse.

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