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January 21, 2019

Threatening mutineers will leave ANC in ruins, Osotsi warns office

Nominated ANC MP Godfrey Osotsi addresses the press at Parliament buildings on June 11, 2018. /Jack Owuor
Nominated ANC MP Godfrey Osotsi addresses the press at Parliament buildings on June 11, 2018. /Jack Owuor

ANC nominated MP Godfrey Osotsi wants the party to put its house in order to promote unity instead of threatening renegades.

He criticised the party for using “wrong disciplinary measures” against MPs and MCAs who have joined DP William Ruto’s camp. Busybodies must be stopped from wrecking the party, Osotsi said.

On Tuesday, the Kakamega branch threatened to discipline MPs Titus Khamala (Lurambi) and Justus Murunga (Matungu) over their cosy relationship with the DP and alleged disrespect to party leader Musalia Mudavadi.

The branch officials also recommended disciplinary action against eight ward representatives who visited Ruto’s Sugoi home over Christmas. The leaders have defended their visits.

Yesterday, Osotsi also came to their defence. He said the ANC must stop using “nonentities”to intimidate elected leaders. The strategy is inappropriate, illegal and will breed further disunity that will leave the party in a shambles, he warned.

“The truth is that the party has internal management challenges due to lack of internal democracy, consultation, inability to handle internal disputes and a common political agenda,” Osotsi told the Star on the phone.

Responding to the issues, Kakamega ANC branch chairman Julius Arunga said their decision stands. He said the party headquarters would issue show-cause letters to the MCAs.

“We have recommended the eight explain why they should not be punished for supporting the main opponent of party leader Musalia Mudavadi in the presidential race,” Arunga said. “Today we dealt with the MCAs. We’ll soon deal with two errant MPs over their cosy relationship with Ruto.”

Osotsi maintained that the party must regain its roots and stick to democratic ideals. Members lack proper political direction and that must be fixed, he said.

Leadership wrangles

The legislator and Kakamega senator Cleophas Malala have also been accused of leaning towards ODM.

Osotsi is embroiled in a legal battle with the party over the secretary general post. The clash pits him against Barrack Muluka, better known as a political analyst.

“A section of party leadership and some brokers in their selfish attempts to control the party have created an atmosphere for confusion and hopelessness,” Osotsi said.

He accused the party of failing to explain to its members what happened with the much-hyped merger with Ford Kenya. The proposed merger has bred uncertainty. The party had accused Ford Kenya of flirting with Ruto. Ford Kenya deputy leader Boni Khalwale is supporting the DP’s presidential bid.

“In African society, if you are a parent who cooks food for your children and they end up eating at your neighbour’s house, then there must be issues in your house,” Osotsi said of the ANC feuds.

Meanwhile, MCA Mwamto (Sheywe) defended lawmakers’ visits to the DP’s home. He said if the party has to discipline members, then it must start with Malala and Osotsi “for disrespecting Mudavadi”.

Mwamto said there was nothing wrong with a visit as long as Ruto helps them start development projects. Governor Wycliffe Oparanya had denied them ward development funds and they had to seek an alternative, he said.

“I’ve been loyal to the party. The problems I have with Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya and Malala is my resolve to defend the party leader,” he said.

“It’s true we went to Sugoi because of money. We’ll go there again as long as there is money. In fact, we are supposed to meet the DP in his Karen home in Nairobi.”

Khamala also defended his decision to host the DP for lunch on December 31.

He said Ruto requested that they have lunch together at his Shibuli home on his way to Matungu. He accepted.

“When visitors say they are coming to my home, the person I have to ask is my wife — not politicians,” Khamala said.

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