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January 20, 2019

Vera salon still open for business

Vera Sidika at her salon /COURTESY
Vera Sidika at her salon /COURTESY

Vera Sidika has rubbished claims that her newly launched business salon has failed.

 This is after rumours went round last year that her salon was closed, after many noticed the Instagram page was inactive for a while.

 Not so long ago, the bootylicious socialite also took to social media to advertise vacancies at her posh salon, and this deepened the rumours of her business failing more.

 Many speculated that she was unable to run it, but she has resurfaced and assured her clients that her salon is still open.

"I was told that some ex was spreading these rumours. They wish. Never closed at all. Only on Christmas Day. People like it when they see you fall. So even when you ain’t falling, they’ll force others to believe you have," Vera responded to a fan who asked if it was still operating.

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