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February 16, 2019

BAK polls may delay: Interim secretary Mbote expects the elections to happen in early March

Kenya Police’s Joseph Shigali in action against Defaba’s Spte. Odhiambo (R) in recent tourney /COURTESY
Kenya Police’s Joseph Shigali in action against Defaba’s Spte. Odhiambo (R) in recent tourney /COURTESY

Boxing Association of Kenya (BAK) stakeholders now believe there is no realistic chance that the long overdue elections will take place on January 19 as per the earlier proposal.

BAK interim secretary, Isaac Mbote, nevertheless clarified that the elections will only come to fruition after a BAK full council meeting is convened to set new dates.

Mbote said elections can’t happen in January because the BAK constitution of has to be amended to align it to national one and the Sports Act.

“February is not also possible because we are in January and in the process of finalising amendments to our constitution which we shall submit to the Registrar in due course. “The Registrar will then guide us accordingly on amendments that we have proposed to the constitution and after approving it, she (Wasike) will also advise on how many counties will be eligible to partake the elections.

“Thereafter, we shall issue a 21-day notice to convene a full council meeting that will be attended by delegates from all the registered counties. This will be preceded with a campaign period and therefore the projected date of election should be the second week of March, if all goes well,” Mbote explained. He said it is only after complying with the Sports Act that the Registrar of Sports will be able give them a green for BAK elections.

“BAK Council meeting involving all counties will have to be called to set the election date once the registrar has given clearance of the counties that will take part in the elections,” said Mbote. Former Kenya junior team coach Musa Benjamin, who also represents BAK Nairobi, said there are a number loopholes that must be addressed before the polls are held.

Of all the affiliate counties, only BAK Mombasa has a certificate meaning the other 17 counties have to wait for the registrar’s verdict. Several other counties including Nairobi have filed applications to the Register of Sports and are awaiting for their certificates, that is if they are approved. BAK’s term of office ended in May 2017, triggering prolonged wrangles and the subsequent split of the association into two factions with one headed by Mbote and the other by outgoing president John Kameta Kameta. BAK has only three officials recognised by the Registrar on interim basis pending the much anticipated elections. The trio are interim president Kameta, secretary Mbote and treasurer George Onyango “Foreman”.

“The essence is to adhere to the right procedures and ensure everything is handled in accordance with the Sports Act rather than rushing and allowing loopholes that may escalate court battles,” said Musa who also handled the Tanzanian team to the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast.  

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