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January 21, 2019

Corridors of Power

Deputy President William Ruto.
Deputy President William Ruto.

  HAS Deputy President William Ruto isolated Kericho county? This was the question MPs from South Rift were grappling with in a conversation that raged for hours in a WhatsApp group. A source, who is a member of the group, whose membership is drawn from MPs and MCAs, said members questioned why the DP has visited some counties in the Rift Valley several times. Legislators are said to have gone into soul-searching, questioning if Ruto could have fallen out with some of the leaders in the county.


  A senior public servant suffered an embarrassing incident in Malindi last Saturday when a call girl stormed his room demanding payment for a service she rendered in August. The woman was upset that the civil servant had “eaten” the goods and promised her Sh10,000. But the morning after, the man produced Sh5,000 and fled only to return to the same hotel with his family for the Christmas holiday. Unknown to him, the flesh peddler had been monitoring his movements. She stormed his room and caused a scene before his wife who, in a bid to avoid embarrassment, forked out Sh10,000 and the woman left promptly.


  TOUGH political times are here with us. As the 2022 General Election approaches, politicians are scheming day and night how to outdo each other. On the eve of Christmas, a rival of a first time MP from Nyanza is said to have sent word round the constituency that the sitting MP was giving out goodies. On the morning of  December 23, a huge crowd lined up at the gate of the MP's rural home waiting to be given a treat. The MP woke up and found the unexpected visitors. He was shocked and had to run up and down calling friends to help him out with money to avoid embarrassment. 


 HAS the war on corruption sent some governors silent and into hiding? Some governors from the North Rift and Northeastern region have made a disappearing act from their counties and homes. The governors, whose tenure has been marked by wanton looting and extravagant spending, are a worried lot. They are anxious and do not know when the sleuths will pounce on them. What is worrying is the fear has driven some to neglect their official roles. Some, who were vocal and responded to all manner of political rhetoric to remain relevant, have now gone mute.

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