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December 10, 2018

MCAs walk out of assembly over ‘faulty’ microphones

Kisii County assembly
Kisii County assembly

Kisii minority MCAs on Tuesday walked out of the assembly in protest over what they termed as 'faulty' microphones.

The ward reps led by Samuel Apoko (Kiogoro) and his Tabaka counterpart Apepo Ombasa said that they were disadvantaged when it came debating.

The walkout came after deputy Speaker Davins Onuso urged the minority members to cross over and use the microphones on the majority side.

They were debating on the second report of the Health committee on the site visit to the subcounties hospitals.

“Speaker we are urging you to adjourn the House until the problem is rectified by those concerned,” Apoko said.

He said the minority MCAs will not be going to cross over to use microphones used by the majority and yet they had theirs.

"We are going to walk out of the House until the mess is cleared,” Apepo said.

Efforts by the leader of majority Timothy Ogugu to convince the opposition to continue with the debate fell on deaf ears as they walked out.

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