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January 19, 2019

Seven Isiolo girls go into labour after KCSE mathematics paper - officials

KCSE candidates wait to start a paper. /FILE
KCSE candidates wait to start a paper. /FILE

Seven girls in Isiolo are sitting their KCSE while nursing their newborns.

Isiolo county commissioner John Ondego said the girls experienced labour pains after the maths paper on Monday. “They were rushed to various hospitals five are still at the hospital,” he said.

Separately, Kenya Institute of curriculum Development CEO Julius Jwan, who was overseeing exams in Meru, yesterday said private cars should not ferry exams.

“The gate of various schools where exams are being done must also remain unlocked but manned by police so that a monitor who wants to come in does not struggle. There could have been incidences where invigilators found gates locked and there was nobody to open,” he said.

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