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January 18, 2019

Avoid blanket demands on growth projects, Peter Kenneth tells Central MPs

Gatanga MP Joseph Nduati and former MP Peter Kenneth at Mabae PCEA Church on Sunday /ALICE WAITHERA
Gatanga MP Joseph Nduati and former MP Peter Kenneth at Mabae PCEA Church on Sunday /ALICE WAITHERA

Former presidential candidate Peter Kenneth has urged Central leaders to focus on a few development programmes that unite the region before approaching the President for help.

He said on Sunday this is a better way to tackle the region’s problems rather than making blanket demands. Kenneth proposed that they prioritise cash crops such as coffee.

The crop has been doing badly and farmers get as low as Sh19 a kilogramme, he said. Kenneth called for urgent attention to change residents’ fortunes.

The former Gatanga MP said the coffee and tea sectors have to be streamlined to make them profitable. This will ensure residents benefit and poverty is eradicated.

“The government should give incentives even if it means giving chemicals and fertiliser for free for a season to encourage farmers to go back to their farms, knowing they will get returns,” he said in Gatanga.

Kenneth said even with devolution and many kitties disbursed countrywide, there is always the risk that the backyard of a President is not given priority.

“This is largely because the President is in charge of the entire country and his attention is cast wide,” he said.

Last week, leaders from the MtKenya region raised concerns about what they called unfair distribution of resources.

They said the region voted overwhelmingly for the Jubilee administration and deserves better.

Kenneth urged the legislators to help the President in his anti-graft war by passing laws that will make corruption and economic crimes a national disaster and make it impossible for suspects to be granted bail so Kenyans can realise how painful corruption can be to culprits.

“The only way to win the fight against corruption is to make the vice painful to discourage people from it,” he said.

The former presidential candidate said all Kenyans must join the war on graft. He appealed to the Judiciary to expedite cases and ensure looted cash is returned.

He backed the President’s bid to unite the country, cautioning leaders against constant politicking that only undermines development.

“Let’s deal with the politics of teh economy now. In any case, only God knows who will be there by 2022,” Kenneth said.

MP Joseph Nduati urged Uhuru to fire underperforming Cabinet Secretaries and get on board “performers such as Kenneth”.

He said Kenneth’s development record during his tenure as MP speaks for itself in terms of how he used the CDF cash.

“We’ve been seeing the President so angry in meetings over his CSs’ failures, but we have someone who can work for the people and who can’t let him down,” he said.

Nduati said the President will only eradicate corruption if he works with people with integrity.

“It can’t be that the President entrusts people with work and is then forced to form task forces to follow up on them,” he said.\

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