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December 14, 2018

Corridors of Power

The scene of the accident where 56 people were killed on Wednesday, October 10, 2018. /COURTESY
The scene of the accident where 56 people were killed on Wednesday, October 10, 2018. /COURTESY


  Just who among the Western Kenya senior Jubilee politicians was giving protection to owners of the sacco of the ill-fated bus (pictured) that killed 56 people? Those in the know have told Corridors that the Sacco owners and their managers had grown a ‘big head’ and could taunt anyone who questioned their operation mode. Even traffic cops on their routes feared them. Right from their Nairobi office in the CBD to their disembarking stage in Kakamega, the sacco bosses could reprimand the cops anytime they were telephoned that one of their buses had been stopped either for a routine check or for a violation. “The men used a big man to shield them. At times they pocketed some cops. They were untouchable. Their arrogance and impunity have caused massive carnage and deaths. I doubt anything will be done to them,”  a source told Corridors.


  A Canadian pilot with insatiable appetite for local women might soon remember words of wise men regarding the vice. After divorcing his equally talented pilot wife, the foreign pilot’s top secrets of illegal activities in South Sudan where he is contracted to fly humanitarian relief are coming to life. His cover on gun running and going against United Nations embargo on dealing and aiding rebels have surfaced courtesy of many beauties who have been spying on his personal life and profiling him to the outside world. The guy is said to have used his flights to assist rebels and smuggle gold leading to one time arrest of his wife in South Sudan before they finally parted ways.


  On matters traffic, is this now the normalised trend in Nairobi? Buses plying the Town-Ongata Rongai and CBD-Eastlands routes commonly known as manyanga or wire are defying all traffic rules. They endanger the lives of passengers and other motorists.  Besides overcharging in the rate of over Sh150 for a distance less than 20km, the buses disembark halfway the trip, are driven on pavements, overlap and ferry excess passengers. This happens in the full glare of traffic cops who man those routes. Is this another tragedy in waiting for the police bosses and NTSA to issue a statement and record statistics?


chairman of a powerful House committee that has been hit by scandals in its ongoing probe is contemplating quitting his position. A close ally of the MP from Central Kenya confided in Corridors that the lawmaker had been overwhelmed by calls from the powers that be. The MP said the chairman was constantly being pushed by influential people to direct investigations in a certain manner likely to let suspects under probe go scot-free. Recently,  the under-pressure chairman is said to have been summoned by a senior State House operative for a brief on the actual trajectory the committee’s  report should take. This infuriated the chairman who is keen to throw in the towel.




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