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December 12, 2018

MUMELO: Noble women, show us the way

Where are women?
Where are women?

“Don’t forsake your mother’s teaching, bind them upon your

 Heart forever, for these commands are a lamp, these teachings

 A light”……. (Proverbs 6)



She’s reputable, unselfish and generous, she’s virtuous, honest and upright, she’s decent, uncorrupted and a holder of high morals.

 Where is the noble woman? The fabric that hold our society has been grievously wounded.

 The highlights are there for all to see and hear. Media outlets are awash with the news on a daily basis; stories so painful, images so gruesome, lurid tales, some tear jerking, others gut wrenching but most simply bring tears of sadness and pain, more so the aftermath.

 Young girls, who are after shamelessly throwing themselves at old men, offering their bodies as sex objects in exchange for material favours and attendant “good” life, are left in the family way, while juggling school/college with motherhood roles they are ill prepared for.

 Cases abound of these young girls getting battered, maimed and in extreme circumstances killed, as they desperately seek upkeep for their children born of adulterous ways.

The men who pursue these young girls into their hostels, homes and other social places are, on the other hand, the worst kind of predators.

They dangle their fat filthy wallets and bank accounts filled with questionable wealth, lying to them with false promises of love and good life only to expose them to all manner of diseases and/or dangers due to their promiscuous and reckless escapades with multiple partners.

When ultimately exposed as they must, they parade their family members and “rent crowds” and rant in front of cameras about how much they love their families.

Some even have the audacity to mock God by mentioning how God-fearing they are.

All the while thinking they are fooling us.

Meanwhile, the noble women are quiet: They see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.

Or maybe they are no more.

Maybe the voices of the remnant has been swamped by the majority who long exchanged their noble calling for the gain the world offers to those who walk according to its will.

The noble women must speak up, raise their voices, and let our young, vulnerable and malleable girls and teenagers hear their voices.

Start teaching them when they are young, return and start again that which nobility placed upon you.

Start speaking again, into their hearts and souls, teach them to value their bodies, to love themselves, to obey their parents to practice fidelity.

Teach them the enduring legacy of hard work and the tested reality of patience, teach them to heed the voice of God to wait upon His providence.

Speak to young boys in their adolescence, in their teens, as young adults and keep not silent when they are adults and walking their paths. Teach them to respect young girls, let them understand that these young girls represent their young sisters, their daughters, their mothers and even their wives:That in violating these girls, they violate those who gave them life.

The society is in deep distress; the laws they banked on have failed them.

The leaders they elected as their chief protectors have in large part become their chief predators, the good life they worked so hard to offer to their children has become the attraction conduit for luring these youths as they are enticed by the allure of it

Where are the noble women? Where are you to NOT just speak the truth to the society that’s dangerously tumbling into the abyss of self-destruction, BUT live these truths so that the young, the teenage and the young adults can see and be convinced and persuaded?

Where are you to guide society through powerful convictions gained and gleaned over a life well and purposefully lived? Where are you to stand in the gap, to pray and fast so that the sovereign will of God will bear upon the soul of this country? So that God will start to turn around the hardened hearts and the fear of God will, once again, start to permeate in to the degraded fabric of this society and healing will start to flow

You trusted everybody else and they failed, you trusted in institutions and they failed, you trusted the laws made by man and they failed, it’s therefore time for you to take back the mantle that rightfully belonged to you and show us the way. Will you do it?



Dr Lorna Mutoro Mumelo is a Commissioner with the Parliamentary Service Commission.




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