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December 12, 2018

Medic convicted for taking bribe for blood transfusion

Alternatives to blood transfusion/Courtesy
Alternatives to blood transfusion/Courtesy

A clinical officer in Kisumu has been convicted of receiving a Sh28,000 bribe to arrange a blood transfusion for a patient.

 Principal Magistrate Julius Ngar Ngar on Tuesday fined Stephen Omoro of Kisumu East District Hospital Sh200,000 on two counts of corruption and in default, one year imprisonment on each.

 Omoro was charged by the anti-corruption court with soliciting the bribe from Ruth Adhiambo to provide blood for transfusion to a relative.

 The money was received on two days, split into Sh25,000 and Sh3,000 in January 2014.

Both both drew a fine of Sh100,000 each. The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission received a complaint from Adhiambo on January 17, 2014.

This prompted the arrest of the suspect on corruption offenses.

This comes a few days after the National Ethics and Corruption Index rated Kisumu the second most corrupt county.

 A report by the EACC earlier last week also revealed loopholes in the management of funds by the Kisumu executive which may be causing loss of public funds.

 Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o however said he will make Kisumu corruption free.


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