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October 19, 2018

DP leader opposes ‘costly’ referendum

DPK National organizing secretary Dr Peter Njagi
DPK National organizing secretary Dr Peter Njagi

The party founded by former President Mwai Kibaki has opposed the proposed referendum.

 Democratic Party of Kenya (DP) said the referendum is expensive and unecessary.

 DP National organising secretary Peter Njagi yesterday said those calling for the referendum should instead support the Big Four Agenda for the well-being of Kenya. 

Speaking to the Star yesterday, Njagi, also former Embu gobernatorial candidate, said that the Sh12 billion required to conduct the referendum should be use to implement the Big Four Agenda. 

“The country is currently struggling to raise money to implement the agenda of good housing, security, industrialisation and health among others. Those calling for the referendum were misadvised,”he said.

Njagi advised the President to use Parliament and the Senate to change the law.

 He said the one third gender rule should be the first to be abolished.

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 “Let’s abolish this gender rule as women are well represented in various sectors. I support the Shollei Bill that calls for the scraping of Woman Representatives and doing away with nominations. No need of having people to represent the marginalised groups who are nowdays well represented in the devolved counties,”he said.

 He urged President Kenyatta to lay a strong foundation of the Big Four Agenda.

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 “I congratulate President Kenyatta for having the Big Four Agenda but it’s hard for him to fully achieve them in five years. Let him lay a foundation so that other leaders can proceed when he retires,”he said.

 Njagi commended the President in the fight against corruption.

 He urged those calling for the creation of new positions through constitution amendment to consider the wage bill costs as the country is already in debts. 

Recently, Thirdway Alliance party leader Ekuru Aukot launched an online campaign dubbed “Punguza Mizigo” seeking to reduce the number of legislators from the current 416 to 194.

 The National Assembly has 349 members.

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