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December 14, 2018

Corridors of Power

Inspector General of Police, Joseph Boinnet/PHOTO/COURTESY
Inspector General of Police, Joseph Boinnet/PHOTO/COURTESY

What is happening at the police air wing? Disgruntled officers at the elite unit are silently cursing their seniors whom they accuse of sitting on their promotions even after completing their training. According to the officers, they are always promoted immediately after the flying course. But this has been misused by the bosses who have resorted to playing tribal cards and promoting only those from their tribes and the well connected, leaving the rest in tears. One of the bosses, notorious for frustrating his juniors was to have left ages ago, but is still around openly boasting how he will continue serving until he voluntarily decide to go home. The situation is so bad at Wilson Airport-based unit, that the officers are now calling on Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet to personally and urgently come to their aid.

Who is protecting and shielding former head of a parastatal in the Ministry of Energy from being investigated over malpractices in procurement in the parastatal?  Those in the know say that a senior EACC official is out to help the man get off the EACC radar. The EACC sleuth is said to be collecting huge amounts of money as protection fee to help the ex-parastatal chief who is fighting to clear his name in a tender scandal. Some senior officers from the parastatal who were implicated now want EACC boss Bishop Eliud Wabhukhala to personally intervene in the case or else they are made to carry the cross of their former boss.

A politician from western is rumoured to have resorted to enlist the 'super' services of a witch doctor from a neighbouring country to help him in his election petition case with all indications pointing to a mini-poll. The desperate man, who nowadays is rarely seen in public, is determined to win the case at whatever cost. Apart from visiting the 'wise men' from across the borders, the boss is also said to be holding prayer meetings frequently at his rural home something that has confused further his handlers who have tried  in vain to advise him that the two don't go hand in hand.

A mega scandal is brewing at a powerful ministry situated within Nairobi's Central Business District . Those in the know say that the scandal, which saw millions of tax payers money embezzled, has divided several senior officers in the ministry. On Monday,  a senior officer is reported to have contacted several  bloggers to churn out articles portraying the former minister in the ministry as the one who led to the loss of cash. However, the plan is said to have backfired since the embezzlement of funds happened when the cabinet secretary had been transferred.

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