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December 13, 2018

Public input needed to review Constitution, reduce burden of too many MPs, says cleric

Presiding Bishop,Hope of God Gospel Mission Samuel Welimo/BRIAN OJAMAA
Presiding Bishop,Hope of God Gospel Mission Samuel Welimo/BRIAN OJAMAA

A Busia cleric has backed calls for a referendum to amend the Constitution but said there must be wide public participation. 

Hope of God Gospel Mission bishop Samuel Welimo on Sunday called for a focus on areas considered flawed during the 2010 referendum campaigns. “I support a review. The church opposed the Constitution in 2010 because some areas were not good,” he said. 

Welimo wants MPs to work on amendments that do not require public suffrage. “It’s the sole responsibility of citizens to go through the Constitution and see which areas need to be changed,” he said.

 The bishop wants some positions scrapped to reduce the burden on wananchi. “We have nine representatives that include senators, women reps, MCAs, governors and MPs, among other offices that get huge salaries from the populace. They should be reduced,” he said.

 The cleric urged politicians to pursue a bipartisan approach to fixing the flaws.

He warned Kenyans against taking positions based on how they perceive the 2022 politics He said any qualified person from any part of the country can lead.

He urged Kenyans not to use their party or ethnic lenses when engaging in the discussion because that will corrupt the debate and undermine meaningful change.

 “My fellow Kenyans, let’s be mature and learn that there must be a winner and a loser in any poll,” he said.

 “It’s not a must that each ethnic group has to produce a president.

If we still have that mentality, then even if we change this Constitution, it will be useless,” he said.

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