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December 15, 2018

Bungoma officials required to sign performance contracts

Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati signs a deal for construction of an industrial park in Webuye town /BRIAN OJAMAA
Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati signs a deal for construction of an industrial park in Webuye town /BRIAN OJAMAA

Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati has urged his ministers to work hard and deliver on his administration’s promises to residents.

 He said on Monday that residents are keen on development projects and his administration must do all it can to honour their demands.

 Wangamati spoke after he signed performance contracts with 10 county ministries. He said they will focus on quality service to meet the needs of citizens and said officers who fail to comply will be shown the door and others who can meet residents’ expectations brought on board.

 The statement comes weeks after some politicians accused the county chief of failing residents. They said the county had not implemented any project since Wangamati took over from his predecessor Kenneth Lusaka.

 Wangamati had dismissed the claims and said the Senate speaker was out to sabotage his administration for political interests. His allies warned Lusaka against “frequenting the county to incite residents”.

 Last month, some 42 MCAs stormed the governor’s office demanding that he resign for failing to initiate development projects. They warned that they would impeach him if he failed to comply.

 The representatives snubbed a special sitting of the assembly called to approve the names of chief officers and other county staff for vetting.

 Some residents also joined the MCAs in the demonstrations as they demanded to be addressed by the governor. Operations at the county assembly came to a standstill.

 The MCAs also accused the governor of high-handedness in the discharge of his duties.

 On Monday, Wangamati said his goal is to transform the county and will do all it takes to achieve that.

 “It gives me pleasure to see this happening. I expect to see work being done to avoid many questions so we deliver on our promises by the end of this financial year,” he said.

 Executives will be required to comply with the contracts. They will also have their chief officers and directors sign similar contracts in the next two weeks.

 The county plans to build a dual carriageway from Musikoma to Kanduyi. Roads executive Collins Mukhongo said the road will change the face of the county and boost transport and trade — key sectors that spur economic growth.

 Wangamati said they will set up an industrial park in Webuye to create jobs for the youth. The county has found an investor and the project will start a few months from now. 

Creating more jobs will help more people to earn incomes and go a long way in promoting development for the common good, he said.

 The administration will also revamp the Matulo Airstrip on the outskirts of Webuye town to increase air travel. 

Wangamati said more projects will be implemented across the county so residents can enjoy the fruits of devolution.



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