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February 22, 2019

Fruits,vegetables to be tested for pesticides in new initiative

Fruits and vegetables. /FILE
Fruits and vegetables. /FILE

A local food company has launched a Sh23 million initiative to test fruits and vegetables sourced from farmers for pesticide residues to ensure consumer safety.

Kikonde Mwatela, Twiga Foods chief operations officer, said facilities for tests of Maximum Residue Levels will address consumer concerns over contamination of agricultural produce with agrochemicals.

“We are introducing standards in the domestic market for agricultural produce, comparable to those in the export market. ..ensuring highest quality is delivered to consumers, even as we maintain access to reliable markets by farmers and efficiently delivery produce to vendors,” said Mwatela. Farmers will also be trained on safe use of agrochemicals.

Through partnership with the Agriculture and Food Authority and the Kenya Agriculture and Livestock Research Organisation, the initiative will ensure highest standards of food safety are maintained from farm to fork. Government statistics show Kenya loses up to 30 per cent of agricultural to post-harvest losses.


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