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December 12, 2018

Corridors of Power

Eldoret North MP William Ruto
Eldoret North MP William Ruto

Was Deputy President William Ruto given a row deal in last week’s parastatal appointments? One of his political lieutenants from Rift Valley is not only enraged with the appointments but equally protesting that the DP’s faction was short-changed. A former MP from the Rift Valley region, initially allied to KANU before closing ranks, was destined and his name is said to have been submitted to chair a strategic parastatal. However, the President is said to have rejected the name and appointed a central Kenya native to the position. The vocal MP is wondering if the President was out to fix the region despite overwhelming support it gave him in the last two elections. “We are watching,” the MP confided to Corridors of Power.


Still on matters reshuffle at state corporations, ODM supporters from Gusiiland are protesting that their regional opposition hero-who also holds some national position in the party-has been ignored as fruits of the handshake trickle down. The former MP initially critical of President Uhuru Kenyatta but who softened his stance following the political truce and known to have deep pockets, has not publicly lobbied for any appointment but his supporters believe he deserves a state position. Grassroots supporters are planning to petition the ODM party leader Raila Odinga to consider him because of the ultimate price he paid in his staunch support for the ex-prime minister.


Is Kenya granding to a halt? We are told that the parastatal which lost its entire management two months ago when its senior managers were charged with corruption and abuse of office has been unable to undertake many things including procurements. We are told that the public listed company must seek instructions from the AG or Solicitor and even DCI for it to undertake some expenditures. KPLC has also been unable to dispose off old electricity poles which are are now roating in yards across the country.


A CEO of a powerful parastatal within the energy sector has shocked residents of an estate within Eastlands, Nairobi with his upcoming apartments. The officer who used to visit the site once a week before the anti-corruption purge kicked off, has nowadays never stepped there. However, the apartments are coming up too fast with a private security firm deployed to guard the site. Residents are wondering if the resources being pumped into the project aren’t part of the benefits of crime especially given the scandals that have rocked his parastatal recently. Perhaps the investigating agencies could consider probing the top CEO with the aim of establishing if his lifestyle is commensurate with his employment terms.


Are some of the commissioners of a troubled commission up to some mischief? Corridors have learnt that since sleuths started probing them, most of the commissioners who rarely used to sit in office have been arriving in their offices early morning and leaving late. Their activities are only now entrusted with a few of their confidants and not the entire commission secretariat. “Their operation is now mostly in the hands of their kinsmen, they don’t trust anyone. They have been mostly keen with paper trails, minutes and approvals in what seems they are altering commission meetings minutes and letters to cover their tracks,” an insider told corridors.

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