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December 12, 2018

Corridors of Power

Raila Odinga during a  campaign briefing for the upcoming Migori Senatorial by-election/Courtesy
Raila Odinga during a campaign briefing for the upcoming Migori Senatorial by-election/Courtesy

DID Raila Odinga (pictured) host some six ODM MPs at his Karen home on Monday night before the Parliamentary group meeting the next day? Faced with a high-stakes meeting, Raila is reported to have summoned the lawmakers to his private residence to plot how to deal with agitated lawmakers opposed to the VAT levy on petroleum products.It is also here that a predetermined statement which was read at Orange House was drafted. One of the ODM lawmakers was overheard complaining on Tuesday at Orange House that Raila had secretly met a section of his colleagues to scheme against them. Well, the chronicles of the Great Handshake.


 Corridors of Power informed you yesterday that a certain National Police Service commissioner was pinching food from a police training college. But 24 hours later, it has emerged that the NPSC has authored an even grander plan to fritter away public funds before their term ends in October. They have decided to take a week-long exit tour of the country and in the process pay themselves a handsome Sh87,000 per day as allowances. At a time when austerity measures and prudent spending are key national themes, the commissioners are astonishingly flying against the grain.


 Just what was a DCI car doing at one of the brothels in which 15 Chinese women were arrested on Wednesday morning? Corridors has learnt that when a team of APs and Immigration officials stormed the brothels in South C, they found among many others a DCI vehicle from a nearby subcounty headquarters. The Chinese and Kenyan proprietors were so confident, despite the raid, that they called some senior officers — who have been receiving protection fees from the owners of the brothel — but they refused to come.


Some former commissioners of an independent commission are biting fingers and regretting why they left their jobs. They are bitter the big shots who promised to give them protection, advised them even to quit after serving for less than two years to cripple the institution with a promise of better landing, have deserted them. Their phone calls go unanswered and their attempts to reach their godfathers have proved futile. Is it a case of use and dump?



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