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November 21, 2018

Nyamira MCAs decry poor health facilities

Nyamira county assembly in session.
Nyamira county assembly in session.

Nyamira MCAs have demanded to know how the department of health is using funds set aside for construction of facilities.

The MCAs on Wednesday said the funds have been misused and no development has been done.

In a motion tabled in the assembly, Rigoma MCA Benson Sironga said most health facilities are in a poor condition “which means funds set aside for the construction, upgrading and equipping the facilities have gone to individuals’ pockets”.

He cited Nyabogoye health centre, saying the work done was of poor quality. Ekerenyo MCA Thaddeus Nyabaro said the department of health has failed the county and residents have been left to suffer.

“If you go to a hospital in Nyamira, you will discover it is a building. People are moving here and there but there are no services...” Nyabaro said.

wake-up call

“Our people are suffering, but we are here praising the health department officials for the good work they are doing... we sometimes forget the health department is not a profit-making institution, but an institution that is founded to assist the poor people. It is a wake-up call to save the lives of our people.”

Nyabaro said county leaders are usually praised “for doing nothing”.

“We should consider those poor residents who cannot afford high-level health facilities and who keep on crying day in, day out due to poor service delivery in our facilities,” he said.


Bomwagamo MCA Charles Barongo and nominated member Fredrick Mosiori accused the health department officials of theft.

“Health is about life and we should not protect a person who is making our people suffer,” Barongo said. Assembly speaker Moffat Teya directed the implementation committee to go through the report and prepare a comprehensive review within 21 days. The health executive was unavailable for comment.



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