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November 20, 2018

New timing technology introduced for the next Hill Climb competitions

Chantel Young powers her buggy during a past event
Chantel Young powers her buggy during a past event

The second round of the Chloride Excide Hill Climb competition set for September 22-23 will be run under new timing technology.

TAGHeuer, the main brand of the art of timing system, will be used during the second round of the sprint races to be held in Naivasha.

According to the official of the sprint races, all times will be memorised and can be recalled and visualised for each of the individual competitors during the course of the competition as part of the quick transmission of results.

The second edition of Chloride Hill Climb Powerlast is geared towards giving spectators a unique event. “Spectators can come in and out of venue at anytime during event,” according to organisers.

The Hill Climb is a lapped event unlike the traditional rally setup. “We have chosen a prime viewing area for spectators to freely move around and enjoy the action all day,” the organisers added. The new timing technology will allow results to be viewed or printed instantly from a laptop or PC. There will be a spectator area where live lap results for the “King of Hill” will be relayed and displayed on a notice board.

Nakuru-based rally driver, Onkar Rai won the first round of the competition with a time of 2:59 up the twisty 3km circuit. The motorcycle category was won by Shivam Vinayak, the multiple holder of the national Motocross championship titles. Machines varying from ordinary rally cars to buggies and motorcycles will be in action.

“We launched our Powerlast brand back in 2015 and is now associated with Hill climb. This isn’t just a point of pride for myself but for the entire Chloride Exide team,” said Guy Jack, Managing Director of Chloride Excide. The 3km stretch is graded to make sure competitors are able to achieve the highest speeds to try and set quickest time on the uphill stretch. The stretch starts from the bottom of the hill at 1900 meters to the top at 2200 meters. The event will only feature 50 competitors and entries open this week.

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