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November 20, 2018

Police hunt down Kisauni gang terrorising residents

MUHURI rapid response officer Francis Auma with victim Rayson Safari at CPGH on September, 10, 2018/ ERNEST CORNEL.
MUHURI rapid response officer Francis Auma with victim Rayson Safari at CPGH on September, 10, 2018/ ERNEST CORNEL.

A gang responsible for attacks in Kisauni, Mombasa, is on the lose.

On Sunday at 10pm, four members of the group killed one person and left two others with deep head cuts. They are admitted at Coast Provincial General Hospital.

One of the victims has been identified as Rayson Safari.

The motive of the killers remains unknown as police launched a manhunt. Police have been killing youth it says are criminals. The Sunday assault happened at Mtopanga. MCA Chizi Chirere said it might be retaliation from police shootings.

Another person was shot dead in Mtongwe, Mombasa. Maitha Omar, 21, was killed by people witnesses said were police. MCA Musa Mwidani said officers raided Omar’s home and shot him in the head and shoulder, killing him instantly.

“He was found taking tea. After the shooting, police ran way,” Mwidani said.

Muslims for Human Rights rapid response officer Francis Auma said they responded to a distress call. He said the fact that Omar was unarmed and shot at close range meant police had an opportunity to arrest him but did not.

“We have been saying police are trigger-happy but they denied,” he said. Omar’s body was taken to the Coast Provincial General Hospital morgue by local politicians and the rights group. Reached for comment, Mombasa police commander Johnstone Ipara said he is still waiting for details.

Village elder Mtengo Mranga said the Sunday night attackers stormed a pub. “They looked aged between 35 to 40.”

Muhuri has been documenting the killings either conducted by thugs or police. Rapid response officer Francis Auma yesterday said five people have been killed in a week.

Speaking at the CPGH, he said, “Three died in Utange on Thursday after being shot by police. One was killed by a gang in Kiembeni.”

Auma called for the transfer of top police bosses in Mombasa. Ipara said police’s patience is running out and officers will now work “harder than never before”.

“We are taking no chances. No one will walk away after committing murder. We urge residents to share information which will be treated with the utmost confidentiality,” Ipara said.

He said police will not negotiate with criminals. His statement followed Muhuri’s call for amnesty to tackle insecurity. Auma said, “Nobody should be killed, even if he is a criminal. There is a law to be followed. Police must be proactive, not reactive.”

Auma and Ipara said there is a need for unity to bring peace in Mombasa.

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