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February 20, 2019

Nyce Wanjeri speaks out after AMVCA win

Nyce Wanjeri
Nyce Wanjeri

Nyce Wanjeri, popularly known as Shiro of Auntie Boss, won one of the most prestigious awards in the market, the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards 2018, as the best actress in a comedy and series category.

The actress took to social media to share the great news, dedicating the award to her late mother.

Nyce lost her mother two years ago and her father when she was 11 years old. She credits her mum for the award.

“My mum was my number one cheerleader. No day do I remember her discouraging me from being an actor, unlike the stories I’ve heard from most Kenyan parents. Every decision I made she was there to support and advise, and most of all her prayers. She was a prayer warrior and it is thanks to those blessings from her that I am where I am right now. That woman, her prayers were what kept me going in all my work.

“If she was around, I’m sure she’d have lost her voice from shouting and crying in celebration of my win. She’d have assembled the entire church community (yes, she was one of those mums) to give thanks in prayer and worship because her prophecy over my life and success would have come true,” Nyce said.

Even as she rests in peace, Nyce has a message for her mum.

“Thank you mum for bringing me up in the right way. If I will ever go astray, I can never blame you. If I would be even half of the woman you were, I would have achieved a lot. Continue resting with the angels, mum,” she said.

Asked if she expected to win, Nyce said:

“I went in ready for anything. Win or lose, I was already humbled by the nomination alongside them. But this is where faith comes in. I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll say it again: it is on my knees that most battles are won. I prayed with my family and friends, then let go and let God.

“It was amazing how on the red carpet, before the ceremony started, no one was concerned about or interested in me. Were it not for my manager, the interviews he aggressively pushed for me to get wouldn’t have happened (#SystemKujichocha). Contrast that to the moment after I won. They were all looking for me to take photos! Mwimbaji aliimba akasema, waliokudharau watakusalimia kwa heshima! It was God manifesting Himself through and through.”

Her feeling after winning was all mixed up.

“Joy, confusion and disbelief mixed up. I cried all night by the way, made sure I slept with the trophy so that just in case it was a dream, if I woke up, it’ll still be there to remind me it is real. I mean, they just called out my name instead of Rita Dominic or Dakore! One of the best moments of my life!” Nyce said.

She thanked Kenyans for their support.

“This time Kenyans voted and they voted in serious numbers! I shall ensure that beyond TV, my content shall be available on social media as well, to ensure I keep those smiles on their faces. I owe that to my fans.”

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