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January 20, 2019

Adelle launches job shadowing initiative

Adelle Onyango.
Adelle Onyango.

Kiss FM breakfast host Adelle Onyango is known for her passion for the youth. Adelle has set up a job shadowing initiative for young people who have cleared their tertiary education and need experience before they hit the job market.

“This is the first step that we want to take together with our partners, Fuzu and all 34 companies that have come on board to provide job shadowing opportunities and provide experiences to the youth on what goes on in the job markets,”Adelle explained.

“Where should they get that information yet it’s not in our system? I realised that there is no way I will sit down and watch these young people being talked about with no one to help them.

“We have employers complaining about young people, saying that they don’t know how to conduct themselves during interviews and that their CVs are not well done, but nobody is talking about how to fix that or even train them how to be ready for their two minutes’ interviews.”

Adelle explained further what job shadowing is about, “It’s about giving young people a one-on-one opportunity to reach different professionals in different organisations so that they get a chance to ask questions that enable them to explore the world. This is because I think our education systems do not really give that arc, so that you get to know what that entails when you are already in the job.

“It could be a head of a certain organisation or any business you want to settle in. It is an opportunity for the young people to pitch there and learn more. Nowadays, it’s not easy at all to get internships that are directly [related to] what you want to do or what you studied or what you are passionate about.

It will be spread across 10 days [during which] it will be carried out in different companies depending on how they want ‘Team Adelle’ to be involved with the running of the company.”

The programme is absolutely free and the registration details are available on all of Adelle’s social media handles. The job shadowing programme starts today till September 16.

Successful applicants will get to experience job shadowing in fields such as energy, manufacturing, medicine, media and film production, HR, etc.

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