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February 20, 2019

The Crisis of Successful Psychos

Seek help when depressed
Seek help when depressed

In the corporate world, more people are depressed than we care to consider. And I mean: full blown depression. On the surface, these people look good, speak well, dress nice, drive smooth, smell good, are highly educated with significant financial and career success. But, dying inside.

 Observing outwardly, you may never see or know how much pain and suffering is going on within, until a highly successful professional like Anthony Bourdain of CNN Parts Unknown, commits suicide. These people are successful but are inwardly devoured, ripped or torn apart by unresolved psychological, emotional or mental issues; financially successful, but mentally or emotionally unstable. They’re suffering terribly; they’re in great pain. They are successful psychos.

 I chose the term “successful psychos” not to insult anyone, but to paint a clear picture of the conflict raging inside these professionals. Typically, these two words don’t mix in business writings – they define two different worlds. Successful paints a picture of wealth, achieving goals and reaching dreams while psycho means a crazy, mentally unstable psychotic person. But it is possible to be successful in your career and mentally unwell. Sadly, this state is becoming an epidemic.

 One contributing factor to this problem is the lie that financial or career success solves emotional and psychological issues.

 As we go through life, we are frequently hit by painful, unpleasant experiences that cause pain, emotional wounds and trauma. If these wounds are not treated, if you’re not deliberate about getting some care and finding healing, these wounds would fester and create destructive patterns in the long run. Wounds of every kind, inward or outward, need healing. When you ignore your need for proper emotional care and healing, you’re a ticking time bomb – you set yourself up for more hurt and over time, you will hurt others in unimaginable ways.

 Let’s be clear: financial or career success is not emotional or mental healing, health or wellness; more money will not heal your emotional wounds. Many successful people are who are suffering greatly believe that more success would one day cure them of the pain, insecurities and heaviness that they carry within. Sadly, this will never happen.

 If you are battling depression, please I encourage you to get help – seek help from mental health professionals; please don’t fight alone. Your family needs you. We need you. You are loved. And you will be fine. Speak to someone. Please don’t let depression win. You can beat it. You can win. You will win. Be well.

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