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January 21, 2019

Mutua sacks 30 lands offi cers, says more rogues will be purged

Machakos governor Alfred Mutua fl anked by a section of his cabinet members . On Friday, he sacked 30 county employees accused of corruption /FILE
Machakos governor Alfred Mutua fl anked by a section of his cabinet members . On Friday, he sacked 30 county employees accused of corruption /FILE

Machakos Governor Dr.Alfred Mutua has send home 30 employees in the land registry depart over alleged corruption.

Mutua said the purge against corruption in his county had begun adding that he supported President Uhuru Kenyatta's efforts to slay the dragon.The purge at the Mavoko sub county lands registry saw the Director of Physical Planning Mutua Mutisya and the Sub County Administrator Jackson Kiio anong those send packing.

Mutua said the public continues to struggle under the yoke of poverty and hardship due to slow economic growth perpetuated mostly by corruption and blatant theft of government resources.

"Unless tough action is taken, our youth will continue to suffer with no jobs and Wananchi will never enjoy the fruits of the independence we gained back in 1963,"said Mutua.

He said the fight against graft has pushed him to take measures to correct major corruption incidences in the county offices that deal with building permit approvals, starting with Mavoko Sub-county.

Mutua said preliminary administrative investigations and audit had discovered criminal and ethical malpractices.

Among the malpractices include undercharging of building plan approvals, occupational certificates and

approval of building plans without valid proof of ownership.

He said the officers colluded with land grabbing cartels to legitimize their fraudulent claims on land by accepting land rates without proper documentation.

He revealed that approval of building plans without payment of land rates was also done by the rogue officers .

Mutua said suspected fake payment receipts which may not be supported by bank deposits were found in the possession of the officers He sad the officers were accussed of receiving of bribes to undercharge and or failure to enforce the required standards.

Mutua said the existence of brokers and cartels who had infiltrated the system had led to corruption networks leading to construction of buildings without approved plans.

He said the rogue officers had been on compulsory leave for three months, to allow for investigations to be undertaken.

"I am happy that the Directorate of Criminal Investigations has already seconded officers to start the investigations as other investigative agencies join in the coming days,"said Mutua.

He also revealed that two imposters posing as county employees been arraigned in court and will be facing more charges.

"Other fake employees are also being identified and will be flushed out and arrested,"said Mutua.

He said officers who have been sent on compulsory leave are directed to present their documents, in person, to Advisor on Anti-corruption matters ,Mr. Hyslop Ipu, at his office in Machakos County Headquarters on Monday, September 10th, 2018 at 8a.m sharp.

"This will allow for a lifestyle audit to be undertaken,"said Mutua.

He warned that he will not allow any employee of his government, regardless of rank, to engage in corruption activities.

"I will have no mercy and will rout out all the bad elements so that Wananchi get the proper services they require,"said Mutua.

He said he was also putting in place, with assistance of relevant agencies, systems that prevent graft.

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