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February 22, 2019

Swahili rap king doubles up as a martial arts master

Kaa la Moto
Kaa la Moto

 Kaa la Moto is a Mombasa-based artiste who is also the proud holder of a black belt in karate and tae kwo ndo.

Speaking to Word Is, he said, ‘’I’m the only Kenyan rapper or indeed artiste who gets respect across the board, having got the opportunity to collaborate with top acts in Kenya.”

He cited King Kaka, Juliani, Nyota Ndogo and Kidis. Moto burst into the limelight after Mseto East Africa’s William Tuva caught his ear and interviewed him on his weekly show, ‘’Hiphop Tuesday’’.

The former Tononoka High School student also used to host a hip hop freestyle show on Pwani FM.

When asked how he balances rap and karate, he said, ‘’My passion lies more in my karate skills.” On his rap career, he describes himself as more of an MC than a rapper.  

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