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February 17, 2019

Solve sugar crisis, Mudavadi tells Uhuru

Musalia Mudavadi greets President Kenyatta at Moi Girls School in Vihiga in February /PSCU
Musalia Mudavadi greets President Kenyatta at Moi Girls School in Vihiga in February /PSCU

Amani National Congress party leader Musalia Mudavadi now says Uhuru is welcome to celebrate the 2018 Mashujaa day in Western.

Mudavadi however said Uhuru should come along with solid answers on what has crippled the Sugar sector in the country.

Speaking on KTN news interview yesterday, Mudavadi said Sugar farming is an economic driver for Western region and it will be unfair for president Uhuru Kenyatta to lead Mashujaa day celebrations without giving hope to the cane farmers.

"All am saying is that Uhuru as my friend should come prepared with solid answers to what has crippled to sugar sector. He should not be cheated about so many things because all Western counties are interested in is for hims to declare his stand on the sugar matters," he said.

Mudavadi added, "He must tell us how his government is going to solve the dilemma and what happens to the importers who have gone scot-free despite leaving sugar companies in limbo".

He further said Uhuru should give a candid explanation as to why there is contraband sugar in the country with over Sh32 billion having been given away to importers who are now plotting to buy some of the sugar companies under the privatization program.

"It is a high time for the president to bite the bullet and seriously crackdown on importers who did not pay duty. The way the government has moved to deal with the maize wrangles that has affected farmers, it can still move to protect sugar cane farmers," he said.

Mudavadi also asked Uhuru to revisit on his trade policies within COMESA so that local farmers are not exploited by importers.

Mudavadi however cautioned Uhuru's government of over borrowing a situation he said might tie the country in debt.

He said there is every reason to raise alarm over Chinese and Japanese commercial loans which are almost at 1 trillion and 98 billion respectively.

"If we are not careful, Kenya will become a candidate of rescheduling with its creditors and thus why we are saying borrowing is not bad we can as a nation pursue other alternatives," Mudavadi said.

In regards to Luhya politics and the Mulembe unity, Mudavadi said there is nothing wrong in calling for Western counties unity as long as it does not oppress other Kenyans.

"The unity calls we are making as Western leaders are to ensure that we harmoniously solve our problems amid efforts to foster prosperity,' he said.

For now my focus remains on consolidating ANC but I wish to remind all Kenyans that this is our Nation and we must commit to work for it,' he added.

Mudavadi maintained that he will be on the ballot in the 2022 presidential race.

"I want Kenyans to remember me for my passion to see a prosperous Kenya and when I shall present myself to them for 2022 election I will stand with my head tall," he said.


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