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January 20, 2019

Police comb Karagita in search of lost gun

An armed police officer with a pistol. /FILE
An armed police officer with a pistol. /FILE

Tension is high in Karagita estate in Naivasha after security officers moved in to search for a gun stolen from a senior officer last week. The officer was on his normal patrols when a group of youths believed to be drug dealers attacked and beat him before snatching his gun.
The security committee gave residents seven days to produce the Ceska pistol or face unspecified action.
Area deputy county commissioner Jim Njoka said the weapon is dangerous and could cause harm if it was left in the hands of criminals. He said their efforts to urge those who took it to surrender peacefully have fallen on deaf ears.
Njoka urged residents to volunteer information that may lead to the arrest of the suspects before the expiry of the seven days.
But residents have complained over the manner in which search of the gun is being carried out. They say police have been harassing them day and night and they are forced to leave work early owing to fear instilled by the officers. Most of the residents are flower farm workers. “Shops are closing as early as 8pm as the officers are beating and arresting anybody in sight. We urged the government to intervene and help save the situation,” resident Joseph Otieno said.
Meanwhile, police now want night roadblocks on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway brought back to end cattle theft in Naivasha and Gilgil subcounties.
Police have been unable to follow up on stolen livestock for lack of roadblocks.

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