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February 22, 2019

Nigerian artiste eyes collabo with Guardian Angel

Chris Shalom/ COURTESY
Chris Shalom/ COURTESY

Visiting Nigerian gospel artiste Chris Shalom is set to collaborate with Groove Awards winner Guardian Angel.

The My Beautifier hitmaker has said the collaboration will show the diversity of music to minister the word of God across borders.

“This piece will show the power of collaboration in the gospel ministry,” Shalom said

The artiste, who started doing music at nine years old, says he studied music in college to be grounded in it, to become a producer and a songwriter.  Speaking on the quality of gospel music in Kenya, which has been bashed for releasing controversial songs, Shalom said artistes should strive to be guided spiritually.

“Of course you don’t expect one to play praise and worship music in a wedding party. They would play dance music,” he said. “However, since gospel music is meant to soothe our hearts and life, artistes should remember spirituality is key.” Shalom said artistes need to be serious in making music based on the word.

“Basing your music on the readings of the Bible will determine your journey as an artiste and how impactful you will be in the ministry,” he said.

Shalom will be organising a concert called ‘Beautifier’ with Kenyan gospel artistes.

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